Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Hightligths: what's on shelves tomorrow (2/16/05)

There will be a couple of "big" or some might call them "hot" books that arrive in the store tomorrow. They are Astonishing X-Men #8 and Green Lantern Rebirth #4. Both are a bit late from the publisher, but both should be good and much anticipated.

Other continuing series titles of note that are arriving tomorrow include: 100 Bullets, Adventures of Superman, Birds of Prey, Ex machine, Garth Ennis 303, Ocean, Space Ghost, Stormbreaker Saga of Beta Ray Bill, and Wolverine. There is a new installment for Marvel's "Official Handbooks" series, the Official Handbook Marvel Universe Marvel Knights 2005 on shelves tomorrow too.

There are a few new books (#1's) coming out too. One is the next installment of Marvel Comics' "Runaways." The Runaways have now taken care of the Pride and have been reunited to continue to try to stop evil. Another new Marvel book coming out is Livewires #1 (a 6-issue comic book). These are Artificial Intelligence superhumans that belong to a top-secret, quasi-governmental research and development program that have been programmed to seek out and destroy others top-secret, quasi-governmental R&D programs. Dark Horse will introduce Manga Darkchylde, a 5 part book series, tomorrow also with it's #1 issue. This is an all age version of the original story, in which a young girl discovers that she can become the characters of her nightmares. Another Dark Horse premiere starts With Damn Nation #1 (of a 3 issue story). Just the opposite of Manga Darkchylde, this is a Mature Readers rated book. If you are a fan of suspense, action, and vampires, this should be worth checking out. The US is facing a very serious vampire plague, and few living people are left living, but now US scientists have a cure that the military, now based out of London, must protect... or is there more to it? And the last new book we have slated for arrival tomorrow is another Dark Horse book, called Apocalypse Nerd. The main character is an asthma ridden, myopic former middle manager for a software company, with limited survival skills. What's left of human civilization continually deteriorates around him, but he is one of few survivors in a post-apocalyptic world. Each issue will also feature a back of story detailing poignant yet humorous anecdotes about America's Founding Fathers. If you are in the mood to laugh, check this one out. Top Cow also has a new book out (I don't consider it a #1 because it is a one-shot spin-off of a long running book), Darkness Black Sails. This one should have some great art and places Darkness in the world of Pirates.

Sin City fans get ready, before the April 1st release of the movie be sure to pick up the trades. We have Hard Goodbye and Big Fat Kill coming in tomorrow.

If you missed any of Batman: Wargames, or if you heard it was good but never checked it out because the crossover was too complicated to follow, don't fret. We are getting Batman Wargames Act One in tomorrow. The other acts will follow shortly.

Star Wars fans - the next wave of the HIGHLY detailed and very awesome Star Wars Unleashed figures will be coming in tomorrow too. The hot ones should be IG-88 and the Storm Trooper. Quantities are limited so for best success getting the ones you want, stop in soon!

New manga this week include: First King Adventure Vol 2, GTO vol 23, Gunslinger Girl Vol. 2, Kare Kano Vol. 14, Orphen Manga Vol. 1, and Tokyo Babylon Vol. 6.

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