Saturday, February 12, 2005

Recently Read - What I read today

Today I had some free time and I checked out a few more comics, including: Breach #2, Majestic (the new series) #1 & #2, GI Joe Master and Apprentice Vol. 2 #1, Lions Tigers & Bears #1. Here's what I thought of each:

Breach #2 had a few good spots, but there was an antagonist introduced that was just wired and got away from the part of the story I liked from #1. How does this man who has become something not human deal with the change? There are good portions, when he first talks, when he finds out the organization doesn't know where his family is, when he finds out that he is not a human anymore, and even when he discovers the sensation of killing. The odd antagonist may play an important part in back story later, but at this point he seemed like just some strange filler for the story. The dialog is very well done in this book, and the art is excellent too. I will be interested in seeing where the story goes.

Majestic #1 and #2 are a new series for Majestic. He has come back to earth only to find it stripped of all human life and all traces of human life. I thought that #1 started out a little slow, but #2 got much better. In #1 Superman, Eradicator and Majestic have found earth and wander around trying to find out if this is actually earth and what happened to everyone. It's a bit drawn out and I found myself just wanting them to get on with it. Superman and Eradicator leave and then Majestic is alone to solve the mystery. The action and mystery started to build in #2, making me want to read #3 to find out more about what it was that took the humans from earth and how Majestic is going to save them. Personally I prefer a hero a little less "super" than what Majestic is, but for those of you who like superhero comics, it might be worth checking out. This book is more "action-hero" and doesn't, at least at this point, get too much into the emotions that Majestic must be feeling when he finds himself alone on earth and when he faces danger as he goes in search of earth's population.

GI Joe Master and Apprentice Vol. 2 #1, I did not read the first series, and never really got into any of the GI Joe comics, but I know a bit of background, so I thought I'd check it out. Lucky for me the book seems to stand on its own enough that I didn't need to have a huge history of GI Joe to be able to follow this book. The story of a young woman and man, each fleeing their different pasts and running into each other was well done. This book was good back story on the two main characters, giving some information, but leaving some things still unanswered. There is some good action in the book too, as both the main characters are Ninjas. Great cliffhanger ending, which I always enjoy in a comic!

Lions Tigers & Bears #1 is a new Image comic for all ages. As a child, who didn't think there was something living in our closet or under the bed at night? Who didn't see things in the shadows that were not there in the light? My parents always assured me there was nothing there to be afraid of... But maybe they just couldn't see it. The story starts out with a young boy, named Joey, moving to a new house, away from his friends and his Grandmother, with whom he is very close. She gives him 4 stuffed animals and tells him that with these near him he won't be alone, and that they will protect him from the "Beasties." These stuffed animals are 4 of many that are said to be given life by their maker, life to protect those young boys and girls who believe in them and their abilities. And that is just what these 4 do, until Joey has a little accident at the end of the book. The art is good, and the story is great, appropriate for children as well as adults. You parents out there should check it out - its a great read for the whole family. I know I will definitely check out the next issue to see what happens to Joey and his 4 protectors.

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