Thursday, February 10, 2005

Recently Read

Here's what I just read and my thoughts:
Nightwing #103 - this is a continuation of the back story of how he went from being Robin to Nightwing. I like it since I had little background into the story prior to this.
The Gift #10 - still great art. This wasn't one of my favorite stories so far in the series, but I still liked it, and I think it's leading up to more story on the Ancient One's background. If you are not reading this book you should give it a try - the main stories are all individual enough to read one and not be lost, just to see if you like it. Each is a stand alone story with an underlying story that is developing throughout the series-the story of the Ancient One. If you like one, the first 8 are in graphic novel form now, and the others are easy enough to get right now.
Trigger #2 - the premise of the story I find interesting: a futuristic society controlled by a corporate entity that keeps the peace and keeps them peaceful. Then someone sees something, someone tries to find the truth and the corporate entity (Ethicorp) snuffs them out. Will Ethicorp be found out? Will something happen to trigger the breakdown of this fabricated peace? The book is fairly well written. But I do not like the art. The women all look like men, and all the men and manly women look like each other. It makes the story hard for me to follow and the book just not as good as it could be with a great artist on board.
Young Avengers #1 - They're kids, trying their inexperienced best to help protect the public. But they are young and inexperience and a bit headstrong. And the current Avengers team, as well as the staff of the Daily Bugle, are trying to figure out who these kids are and what they're up to. One of the answers is revealed at the end- but I won't give it away in case you haven't read it yet. The art is good, the story is good. We will see where they go with it - is it Marvel's version of Legion of Superheroes or will it go a different direction?

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