Friday, March 11, 2005

Books read: Grimorie, Fables, Shining Knight, Breach

Sometimes I'm a little slow... Finally a new post.

Grimorie #1 came out today, from Speakeasy comics, a new publisher to the scene. It's the story of a young witch who has a magic book called the Grimorie. I really liked the art, and thought the story started well. There was a bit of action right off the bat, and some hints of back story so that we are just starting to learn about this young girl. So far I'd say this should be a nice all age book.

Fables is a great comic - if you aren't reading it you should. Go get the trades TODAY! This book is a great story with characters you might remember from back in your childhood (Snow White, Boy Blue, etc.) The comics are well written with great depth in story, and the art is excellent too. This issue was the 2nd part and conclusion of the short arc about Jack. Jack stole from Fabletown and ran off to Hollywood to use his money in order to become a movie mogul. His movies are all "Jack" stories from fairy tales. He runs the company with an iron fist, but stays behind the scenes, and becomes the most elusive and popular mover and shaker on the Hollywood scene. His friend Jill came with him from Fabletown too - she's only about 6 inches tall. Jack buys her many mansions in doll houses, but won't let Jill leave, and she wants adventure. So, she rebels and rats Jack out in this issue. Soon Jack is out of the movie business and back on the run.

The newest issue in the Seven Soldiers series arrived this week with Shining Knight #1. I must admit that I find Grant Morrison's writing a little weird. The comic started out well, with highlights of the battles of the Knights of Camelot. But then we find the Shining knight battling a witch on some "revolving castle" and things get crazy. The Knight has not yet become part of the Seven Soldiers yet, but from the end of this one, I'd speculate that he will be in the next issue. This Seven Soldiers series can be read as a whole 24 comics + the beginning and ending single issues. Or you can pick and choose which of the 7 characters interest you and just read those 4 book minis.

I still think Breach is a great story, as it continues with this 3rd issue. A struggle of man and machine in a way (although he appears to be more alien than machine). It turns out that the alien threat is arriving on earth much quicker than expected, and they cause all kinds of problems for the creature formerly known as Major Tom Zanetti. He can feel them calling to him, and he can feel the power his rage fuels. But he can't stop thinking of his family, and in this issue he believes he has come across his son. His choice is to do what the alien tells him, or to destroy the alien and save his the man he believes to be his now grown son. While this book does introduce a new superhero into an already crowded market, it does so a bit differently than others. Here is not your basic super human fighting bad guys. It is much darker - this hero was once a man, and there are times he'd rather have died in the unfortunate accident that gave him his powers than continue living without his family, the ability to touch or be touched, to get back the time he lost while he became what he is.

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