Wednesday, March 02, 2005

New comics of note this week

Ok, I didn't put my titles coming in tomorrow up yesterday. I'd like to say I had a good excuse, but we did a bit around the store and then I got my hair cut. So, it's not such a good excuse. But here it is today... One day late. And since it's Wednesday, it may take me half the day to get it done, but better late than never.

Ultimate Iron Man #1 came out today - with two different (50/50 split) shiny covers. Another great Marvel hero enters the Ultimate universe. This issue, as well as #2, cover the secret origin of Tony Stark as Ultimate Iron Man. Marvel also kicks off the Age of Apocalypse mini-series today with X-Men Age of Apocalypse #5, as well as X-Men Age of Apocalypse One Shot. The One Shot is meant to be the first book of the mini-series celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Age of Apocalypse. This "double sized" issue contains four original stories from the original Age of Apocalypse series. The regular series is a 6-parter, coming out weekly. Lex Luthor: Man of Steel #1 also premiers today, via DC. It looks to be good, based only on paging through it and not having read it. This is a 5-issue miniseries that tells the story of the Lex Luthor/Superman fight from the other side - from Lex's side. He believes Superman is an alien that is a threat to humanity, and must be destroyed. Writer Howard Chaykin has a new series with Wildstorm, Legend #1, part of a 4 book miniseries. This is the story of a young man named Hugo Danner, a man who discovers he has super-powers and has to deal with all that those powers bring, good and bad, and determine how he will put them to use. And the final #1 comic today is The Seventh Shrine, an Image title written by Robert Silverberg, yes the award-winning sci-fi Silverberg. This too is a sci-fi story of the world of Majipoor. A detective story - murder, suspense, action, mystery all in one comic book. It's a can't miss for you sci-fi fans!

There weren't too many new titles in today, a little more than half of what we usually get. Only one "Bat book" - Detective comics. Spider Man came out in Ultimate Spider Man, and another Spider-Related book that came out today is Arana. Fallen Angel came out today, and the book is wrapping up, so if you're reading this series, be sure not to miss the issues that tie it all together here at the end. The Superman Strength series ends today too, with #4. This week's Exiles ties into the Age of Apocalypse, since that's where Blink comes from, so for those of you who need the total Apocalypse story, check this one out too. X-Men Fantastic Four (X-4) has been selling very very well here, and the 4th issue came out today from that mini-series.

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