Monday, April 18, 2005

Arriving 4/20 - Highlights

Prepare yourselves – it’s a BIG new book week this week. As you’ll see from the lists below, there is a lot of stuff coming out this week. I have posted a separate Blog entry for the new #1's with summaries and initial opinions.

Hot Books
  • Atomika #2 – first one was great, and the artist is coming in for a signing June 25th
  • Batman Gotham Knights #64
  • Birds of Prey #81-new artistic team, same writer, first issue of Battle Within story arc
  • Conan #15
  • Ex Machina #10
  • Final prints of Identity Crisis #6 & #7
  • JLA #113
  • Marvel Knights 4 #17
  • Runaways #3
  • Spectacular Spider-Man #27 – FINAL ISSUE. This is a single issue story arc that will bring the 5-year comic to its end.
  • Superman #215 – Final issue of the year-long For Tomorrow story by Brian Azzarello and Jim Lee.
  • Teen Titans #23
  • X-Men #169 – Wolverine giving Rogue a big kiss on the cover – and I mean BIG… hmmmm… what’s going on?
  • Young Avengers #3

Other Good Stuff
  • Batman Hush Series 3 Action Figures- includes a diving Batman, Ras’ Al Ghul, Alfred, Scarecrow, and Commissioner Gordon

  • Batman: The Greatest Batman Stories Ever Told paperback – with a GREAT Alex Ross cover, 192 pages, and a collection of great comics (Detective Comics #33, Batman #5, Batman #62, and more) written by some of comic’s greatest writers, it’s a great deal at only $19.99!!

  • Cable Deadpool Vol. 2: Burt Offering paperback—I’ve heard that this series is GREAT – well written with actual plot-lines, and good art too.

  • Daredevil Vol. 11 Golden Age paperback

  • Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy paperback – check it out before you see the movie

New Manga

Shaolin Sisters Reborn Vol. 1 Manga: When Julin Misumi has a recurring dream about an age ruled by martial arts, strange things start happening. She is attacked by a mysterious bird woman, saved by a masked man and given a bell by a little bird. Now she must team up with an enigmatic man named Hitoshi Ninno, who has given her the title of Toku-Lin, and the mission of saving the world.

Van Von Hunter Vol. 1 Manga – The forces of evil have come back to rip peace from the twice-peaceful Kingdom of Dikay! The land’s only hope lies in the one man, who many years ago vanquished the evil tyranny: Van Von Hunter, Hunter of Evil. Together with his loyal memory-challenged sidekick, he faces off against the deposed, former ruler of Dikay, who has come back to reclaim his thrown.

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