Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Early Reviews- Batman Jekyll & Hyde, Seven Soldiers Klarion, Hercules

Ok, so I cheated a little and read some of the sneak peek comics today so that I could have time for everything I wanted to read this week. I’ll be careful not to spoil anything, while still giving my reviews.

Bubble reminder: [[[[[ is best – great comic while [ is it’s junk, don’t take it if it’s free.

Batman Jekyll and Hyde #1 (of 6): Harvy Dent, also known as Two-Face is a paranoid schizophrenic with homicidal tendencies and either borderline personality disorder or multiple personality disorder. He experiences frequent hallucinations and is convinced that he shares his body with another person-effectively he literally is two people in one, with little to no chance of ever recovering. And that’s his doctor’s analysis. This mini-series is an examination of that dark villain. It is kind of a Law and Order-SVU combined with CSI: Gotham City; dark and gritty. I really liked it! The story is well written and the art is very dark and gritty too, fitting perfectly with the writing. Those who enjoy a good Batman story should check this one out. And those who like a good psycho/crime drama will like it too. [[[[[

Seven Soldiers Klarion the Witch Boy #1 (of 4): Another one of Grant Morrison’s Seven Soldiers stories, written once again with Morrison’s style – very good, but weird. This story is about a young witch-boy named Klarion. His witch society is stuck in what seems to be a cave, and many don’t believe there’s much outside of that (think Plato’s Republic-cave analogy). They conform and accept the rules of the Book of Shadows and their leaders. But Klarion believes that some of these teachings are in conflict with the Book, and he knows there’s more to the world than just this cave. Through his cat familiar he finds out a secret, and goes off to tell others, getting himself into a “bit of a pinch” in the process. This was, I thought, another one of the better written books- not as confusing as some of the others. The art is very Goth-inspired, fitting well with the story. Fans of The Witching, Books of Magic and other Sandman inspired works, would enjoy this mini. [[[[[

Hercules #1 (of 5): There were some funny lines in this one. But over all I was bored with it. It’s more a commentary on today’s reality TV invasion than it is a story of Hercules. Read it for the humor, if at all. [[

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