Tuesday, April 12, 2005

New This Week highlights: 4/13

Another new week, another slew of great new stuff will be arriving at Neptune, and other comic shops near you. There are some interesting new books coming out this week, and several continuing series will be starting new arcs worth checking out. We’re also getting more drawing supplies in, and Family Guy action figures. Good stuff! Gotta check it out!

New Titles

Atheist #1, published by Image, written by Phil Hester with art by John McCrea. This is a bi-monthly ongoing series in black & white. Anton Sharpe, known by his government handlers at The Atheist, has a job – to remove evil beings from the earth before they totally infest the human race. Unfortunately he will do so even if it means the human race might be destroyed in the process. These beings are unspeakable things that defy logic and feed on fear. In the first issue the dead are escaping the afterlife and forcing themselves into the bodies of the living. When they interfere with government security the Atheist is called to send them back to the grave.

Conan & The Jewels of Gwahlur #1 (of 3), published by Dark Horse, with the art and writing by P. Craig Russell, an Eisner-Award winner. This comic is a direct adaptation of the Robert E. Howard Conan story, Jewels of Gwahlur. She’s made a string of bad choices, and now a young woman has let herself become the pawn of mercenaries—and one of those mercenaries is Conan of Cimmeira. This story takes place shortly before Conan becomes King. While the bit of art I have seen is not quite as detailed as the regular Conan series, it still looks to be very well done. This story has been popular in the past, and this comic book adaptation should prove to be very good.

DC Countdown to Infinite Crisis #1 (second printing, $1.99 price). That’s right, DC SOLD OUT of the first print. They did make a second, but it is more expensive than the initial $1 issue. And it gives away the picture of the hero who is killed. But, we ordered LOTS of the first print, in anticipation of the popularity of this comic, so you can still get your first print, $1 copy, from us at Neptune, if you haven’t already.

Fathom Beginnings #1: This is an all-new 7-page story that delves deeper into the history of Fathom. It also includes a pull-out poster by series creator Michael Turner. This book should wet your appetite for Fathom #1, which is scheduled to come out next month.

Imaginaries #1 (of 4), published by Image, written by Ben Avery with art by Mike S. Miller and Gregory Titus, there will be 2 covers, one by Miller and the other by Titus. What happens to the imaginary friends, the childhood superheroes, the playmates and stuffed animals when the children who gave them life no longer believe in them? They go to Imagined Nation. In this comic you will join Superhero G as he explores the strange world of Imagined Nation, populated by imaginary figments of billions of children from around the world. I previewed a portion of this issue a couple of months ago, and very much enjoyed it. It should be a great book for all-ages. It is supposed to come out monthly – but keep in mind this is an Image book and they are not always strict with their schedule.

Toxin #1 (of 6), a new mini-series in the Spider-Man family, published by Marvel, written by Peter Milligan, art by Darick Robertson. Move over Venom, step aside Carnage, because Toxin is the new symbiote in town. When a full-scale jailbreak leaves New York overrun with super villains, Pat sees the perfect opportunity to use the creature sharing his body for good. But Toxin might have other ideas!

Hot Books

Action Comics #826-the first part of a 3-part Captain Marvel story arc that cross over into Adventures of Superman #639 and Superman #216.

Black Panther #3-part 3 of the 6-part Who is the Black Panther arc.

Fables #36 – a great issue to start reading this comic, if you’re not already doing so. This is the first issue of the Homelands arc.

Identity Crisis #3 & #4 – final printing

Iron Man #3—Because the art is so incredible, and difficult to produce, this book has been delayed a few months. So, believe it or not, it’s FINALLY here!

JSA #72 – features an Alex Ross cover. This is the conclusion of the JSA/JSA story arc.

Marvel Knights Spider-Man #13-this issue starts a new story arc called Wild Blue Yonder, with writer Reginald Hudlin (House Party, Boomerang) and artist Billy Tan (X 23).

Ultimates 2 #5—the Ultimates vs… The Mighty Thor!

X-Men The End: Heroes and Martyrs #2 (of 6)

Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith #2

Other Cool Stuff:

Graphic Novels: Bullseye Greatest Hits, She Hulk Vol 2: Superhuman Law, Superman Vs. The Flash, Supreme Power Vol 1 Hard Cover, Thor Son of Asgard Vol 2: Worthy Digest

Family Guy Action Figures, Wave 2, including: Rufus Griffin, Meg, Death and his dog, Quagmire, Mutant Stewie and Peter in the Buff.

Deleter Tone sets, Manga Deleter drawing paper, Deleter pen sets

Restocks on Naruto and Chobits mangas

Dot Hack and Yu Yu Hakusho plushes

Dealer’s Choice handbook to Saturday Night Poker

NEW Fire & Ice dragon card sleeves

MLB Sportsclix Baseball 2005 boosters - this is the new and improved version of the 2004 game. And you can, for a limited time, get it FREE. Just buy 1 starter and at least 1 booster and we will GIVE you 9 figures from last year's game. Then you send in the 9 figures, your receipt, and UPC codes from the starter and booster, and Wizkids will give you a rebate check for $14.98, which just happens to be the cost for the 2005 starter and booster (before tax). If you like games and/or collecting baseball memorabilia, I suggest picking up this game - it's free after all.

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