Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Up & Coming - new stuff this week 4/27/05

Lots of stuff coming again this week, but a chunk is restock items and special orders, and toys and T-Shirts, so it’s not all new comics this week. This is a great week to shop because there will be new stuff in just about every department, so you can find all kinds of cool new stuff. Here’s the “low-down.”

New Comics (1st issues)

City of Tomorrow #1 (of 6): Published By DC’s Wildstorm, art & writing by Howard Chaykin. If you like Chaykin, this is your week, he’s got this book, Legend and SOLO all coming out this week. This story is about a utopian community, set in the future, called Columbia. The island was created by a billionaire named Eli Foyle. He held a lottery and winners got the opportunity to live on Columbia, in a city that would be a crime-free, clean place full of opportunity. And for a while it was just that, until Columbia’s city workers, who by the way are robots, became infected with a virus. They then turned from civil servants to criminal masterminds, changing Columbia from a dream town to a hellhole. Eli Foyle can’t have his town blighted, so he sends his son Tucker, fresh back from Navy SEAL training, to join with some of Columbia’s concerned citizenry, to take back the city.

Day of Vengeance #1 (of 6): This is the second DC Countdown mini-series to come out (OMAC Project from last week was the first), and is already sold out at DC. This is written by Bill Willingham (Robin, Fables) and artists Justiniano & Walden Wong. The Spectre is back, and Ragman, along with The Enchantress must try to stop it from wiping out all magic.

Invincible #0: Published by Image Comics, written by Robert Kirkman with art by Ryan Ottley and Bill Crabtree. While Invincible isn’t new, this low priced #0 issue (only $.50, also only 16 pages) is an origin story for Mark Grayson-the hero in this book. It’s a great jumping-on point for anyone who has thought about getting into the comic book, but doesn’t want to be too far behind. It will also lay some ground work for future stories, so the existing readers can pick it up to find out what’s coming up.

Red Sonja #0: Published by a relatively unknown publisher: Dynamite Entertainment, written by Michael Avon Oeming and Mike Carey with art by Mel Rubi, digitally painted by Caesar Rodriquez, this issue features a cover by Greg Land. This issue is low priced (only $.25 for 16 pages) and introduces readers to the “blood soaked world of Red Sonja.” This issue should help define a bit about who she is, and who the villain of the story is. The regular series should begin in June, but we’ve had many requests for this book, so this should wet your whistle until the regular series begins.

Other “Hot” titles
Batman #639: In the last issue the identity of Red Hood was revealed, now this issue begins a new arc with him playing a part.

Flash #221: “Rogue War” storyline continues as the Flash tries to keep Captain Cold from tearing apart Chicago.

New Avengers #5: This book is so HOT we can’t seem to keep it in stock, no matter how many we order. The story continues with Best of the Best heroes of the Marvel U teaming up. We did manage to get more #4 issues in stock, and we’ve got a couple of the 1-3 combined issue, so if you are one of the few not yet reading this book, there’s still a chance to get in from the beginning. If you’ve been into the book already, you’re probably smiling now knowing this issue is finally here.

Superman/Batman #19: Another book that people have been waiting for! Two of DC’s greats teaming up, in spite of their “personality conflicts.” If you’re not already, get into one of DC’s hottest comics!

X-Men Age of Apocalypse #6 (of 6): This last issue was delayed a couple of weeks, but finally the final issue is here, for you AOA fans! It’s over – or is it???

X-Men Phoenix Endsong #5 (of 5): I recently picked up the first 4 and really liked the story, even though I’m not a huge reader of X-Men books. This one didn’t have an overwhelming number of characters in it, and the ones that were, were for the most part, well-known, with the exception of a couple that I had no idea on. Greg Land’s art is great too, and that alone made the book worth reading. This is it, the final issue – what will happen to the Phoenix??

Star Wars: PLENTY of SW comics to keep you going until May 19th, including Empire, the Revenge of the Sith, General Grievous and Republic

Hot Manga
Elfquest The Grand Quest Vol 8
Rurouni Kenshin Vol 14
Shaman King Vol 6
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist Vol. 4
Inuyasha Action Figures

Other Cool New Stuff
Batman “Blast” T-Shirts w/art by Jim Lee
Scarecrow Tales Paperback
Crisis on Infinite Earths Novelization Hard Cover
Family Guy Stewie Inflatable Figure
Pirates of the Caribbean Action Figures (we actually got these last week, but they came from a different distribution channel, so they didn’t end up on the list-and let me say, they’re SO awesome!)
Rising Stars Vol. 3 Paperback
Sin City Action Figures (made by the same place that makes the Pirates figures-sure to be AWESOME too)
Superman “Launch” T-Shirts w/art by Michael Turner

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