Tuesday, April 05, 2005

What's Coming Tomorrow: 4/6

Looks like a fun week this week - some new books that look good, and some continuing series that have started well, and of course a few veterans. Here's what we've got...

New #1's
  • Pirate comics are back! Here's the next new pirate comic, Barbarossa and the Lost Corsairs #1, published by Kandora in full color. In this comic the historical, red-bearded pirate known as Barbarossa and his crew of privateers, as well as Countess Julia of Fondi, set sail, only to find themselves caught in a powerful typhoon. Once they find safety they are in an extradimensional realm of deadly monsters and must find their way home. But not before the freebooters take their fill of thrilling adventure and fabulous treasure.
  • Private Detective Cal McDonald is back in Supernatural Freak Machine: A Cal McDonald Mystery #1, published in full color by IDW. Horror comic writer extraordinaire Steve Niles writes this new take of the monster-hunting, hard-drinkin' private detective, Cal McDonald. This time, Cal and his ghoulish partner Mo'Lock face a prison break that signals the return of Dr. Polynice, plus Cal gers himself a new ride... or does the new ride get him? The Cal McDonald comics are always fun - a clever combination of humor and horror that make for a great read.
  • The son of the Grimm Reaper is off to middle school, dealing with the challenges of life of a teenager, in Death Jr. #1, published in full color by Image. Death Jr., known by his friends (Pandora, a little Goth girl, Smith & Weston, conjoined twins, Stigmartha, a girl who bleeds when she gets nervous, an The Seep, an armless, legless, foreign exchange student in a jar) as DJ, along with his class, head to the Museum of Supernatural History, and DJ tries to impress his friends, but ends up putting himself and the whole town in danger. This comic sounds hilarious!
  • "They're here to save the world... or at least Milwaukee." Welcome to the Marvel universe the Great Lakes Avengers, aka the G.L.A., in the first comic of the 4-part miniseries. With the REAL Avengers disassembled, these "less than perfect" heroes set out to try to defeat on of the Avengers' most powerful villains. Can they do it? The first issue takes place in Sheboygan, with a hero named Craig--sounds funny so far!
  • Power Pack #1 is the newest all-age mini-series Marvel is putting out. Marvel's youngest team of super heroes returns for awesome action and adventure. Alex, Julie, Jack and Katie, the super-powered siblings all return for madcap adventures.
  • And the list wouldn't be complete without a premiere from DC Comics: Seven Soldiers Zatanna #1. Grant Morrison adds one more Soldier into the fold. In this issue Zatanna attempts to boost her profile by taking part in a reality TV show that sees her undergoing a detox on a lush island near Themyscira. While there she tries to get her life together, and becomes obsessed with trying to find her father's lost magical journals.

Other Good Reads
  • Marvel's Amazing Fantasy #7 is the return of the series that has been on break for quite a while, and it introduces a new Scorpion.
  • Blood of the Demon #2 should reveal a bit more about the Demon's origins and probably some good adventure will ensue.
  • FINALLY Green Lantern Rebirth #5 comes out tomorrow - after weeks and weeks of delay. The series should be starting to wrap up in this issue, since there's only one more left. It's a great series - you won't want to miss this one!
  • Lex Luthor: Man of Steel #2 continues the Brian Azzarello mini-series. Lex continues to try to save Metropolis, and the world, from what he thinks is it's biggest problem: Superman.
  • Liberty Meadows creator Frank Cho gives us another issue of Marvel Comics' Shanna, The She-Devil (#3 of 7). Can Shanna save Doc and his crew from the jaws of a T-Rex? You'll have to pick this issue up to find out.
  • Strange #5 (0f 6) is another Marvel mini-series coming out tomorrow. Dr. Strange's new costume will makes it's first appearance in this issue... and Stephen discovers the true role the Ancient One intends him to fulfill. I've read and enjoyed this series so far, looking forward to seeing how it all ends!
  • Superman Batman #18 FINALLY comes out this week too. It's another GREAT DC Comics series that has been faced with too many delays. But it's sure to sell quickly, as the series has continued to grow in popularity with the publishing of the first two story arcs in graphic novels.
  • The last issue of the very popular X-Men Fantastic Four 5-issue mini-series comes out this week. You'll want to see how it ends.
  • For the few of you who did not get a chance to pick up all of the issues of DC's Identity Crisis, they are doing a final print of these this month. Identity Crisis #2 final print is available starting tomorrow.
  • Some other not-to-miss books include: Firestorm #12, Intimates #6, Justice League Elite #10 (of 12), Marvel Team-Up #7, Punisher #19, Ultimate Fantastic Four #17, Ultimate Spider-Man #75, and Y The Last Man #32.
Manga Fans Must-Haves
A few good mangas come out tomorrow too, so you Manga Fans have something to look forward to.
  • Fushigi Yugo Vol 14
  • Inu Yasha Ani Manga Vol 8 - great Full Color Manga!
  • Inu Yasha Vol 21
  • Naruto Vol 6 (we've also started restocking on the past Naruto volumes)
Graphic Novels to Check Out
Tomorrow's graphic novels we're getting in include:
  • DC The new Frontier Vol 2
  • The Sin City books - new and restocks
  • Mystique Vol 4: Quiet
  • Silent Hill Dying Inside (new print)
  • Spider-Man Doctor Octopus Year One
  • Star Wars Clone Wars vol 3: Last Stand on Jabim

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