Thursday, May 05, 2005

A few reviews: Batman Dark Detective, Blood of the Demon, Great Lakes Avengeres (GLA)

I've had time to look at a few of this week's newest installments. Here's what I thought. Just to review my rating system:
[[[[[ is the best – this book is SO awesome, you’re totally nuts if you’re not reading it.
[[[[ is good – if you looking for something new, try it out.
[[[ is OK – only average. Nothing out of the ordinary.
[[ is Not so hot – it looked interesting but I was not impressed after I read it.
[ is HORRIBLE – I really didn’t like it and would not recommend it to anyone.

Batman Dark Detective #1: This comic has a very classic batman feel, the art is heavily inked and the costumes are solid, bright and classic. In this issue joker up to his usual antics, causing trouble in a spectacularly flamboyant way, as evidenced by the cover of the issue, where we see Joker’s face and the phrase, “Vote for Me, or I’ll Kill you.” The sexual tension w/ Bruce Wayne and Silver St. Cloud gave the story some depth, rather than just having it be a classic Batman V. Joker event. And as any good comic should have, this one ends with a cliff-hanging tease to get you to check out the next one. I must admit that I was a bit lost w/some references made, since I’m a newer comic book reader. But once the story got going it was easy enough to get into. I wouldn’t say this book was great, but it was good. And a “must have” for any classic Batman fan. [[[[

Blood of the Demon #3: They say you know that a series is having sales number problems when they ad a major hero into the title. Well, Batman is a major player in this one. Then again, Batman and The Demon do go back, so maybe it’s not as bad as it might appear at first glance. Zatanna tries to get some of the other League members to help Batman out, but they’re too busy with other emergencies. If they’d come over too, I’d be less optimistic. The art is good, and the story flows nice. They try to ad some depth to the story by having this internal struggle between a good Jason Blood and an evil Etrigan. But I have not yet figured out where they’re going with the whole thing and what exactly the villains in this story are trying to accomplish. [[[

GLA #2: I’m glad to say that this issue was much funnier than the first one. I laughed more, and there were more bits of sarcasm and humor in this issue. Rather than focusing so much on the fact that the GLA are not the Avengers (which the first issue did) they actually showed the humor of this rag-tag group’s characters and existence. Monkey Joe and Squirrel Girl appear more in this one, and the “leader” of the group, Mr. Immortal has gone crazy with grief from the death, in the last issue, of Dina-soar, his love. Some of the GLA members head off to find new members, and needless to say, they are turned down right and left, by major heroes and minor ones. And, as is apparently going to happen in every issue, a GLA member is killed. This is set in Wisconsin, so it’s worth picking up for that reason alone, plus it’s kind of fun to read a funny comic from time to time. I’ve upgraded this one 1 bubble from the 1st review! [[[[

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