Tuesday, May 17, 2005

New This week: 5/18/05

OK comic book fans, I've got the next installment of my "what's new" portion of my blog. Viewing this blog will help you better prepare for what lies ahead tomorrow!

New Comics Series (#1's)

Believe it or not, there aren't many new series starting out this week, at least not that we've ordered. But there are a couple, find out more below.

Hero Camp #1 (of 4), published by Image written by Greg Thompson with art & cover by Robbi Rodriguez. For once, an Image comic has come out exactly on time - not even one week late from what they listed in Previews. Yeah Image - keep it up there guys, you might sell more comics if you do. Anyway, back to the comic... Eric Quinlan is an average kid whose life is turned upside down when his super-powered parents send him to a summer camp for teenagers with powers. Eric finds himself lost in the works of Camp Enokchuk, being stalked by 3 super-villains who believe he really does have super-powers. The problem is, he doesn't. I saw a small preview of this comic, and it does look funny. The art is decent too - heavily lined with bold colors and simple dimension.

Strange Eggs #1 is published by Amaze Ink/Slave Labor Graphics and created by an all-star cast of Slave Labor's top creators like Crab Scrambly, Roger Langridge, Jennifer Feinberg, Chris Reilly, and many more. They join forces to tell the stories of Kyle & Kelly Hatcher, a lonely brother and sister who get a strange egg delivered to them every week, but the dapper egg delivery man, Roger Rogers. The eggs hatch into problems that the kids need to solve. Problems like aliens, dinosaurs, crazed ventriloquist dummies... While it is black and white, it looks to be fun fun fun!

Hot Books

Below are some of the more popular comics we sell, and the list is growing as the summer comic book season warms up.

Batman Dark Detective #2 (0f 6) - the first one sold well, and we got rave reviews from readers. Don't miss the second issue of this "blast from the past" style Batman comic book
Batman Jekyll & Hyde #2 (of 6) - sure, it might seem like Batman week...but this comic book is EXCELLENT. The first one sold well, and we still have a few issues of it in stock if you passed on it before - so it's not too late to jump on.
Cable Deadpool #15 - we continue to get rave reviews from those reading this series.
Conan #16
Ex Machina #11 - another strong book! Reviews have been excellent.
Green Lantern Secret Files 2005 - it's the year of Hal! Pick this one up this week and prepare for Green Lantern #1 next week
Marvel Knights Spider-Man #14
New X-Men #14
Omac Project #1, second printing - if you missed it the first time, don't miss it again! This is available in a limited quantity
Superman #217 - yes, you're right, we've been seeing a lot of Supes lately
Teen Titans #24
Ultimate X-Men #59
Uncanny X-Men #459
villains United #1, second printing - ditto Omac
Wolverine #28
Young Avengers #4

yep - it's a lot this week. Expect it again next week.

New Manga

Manga fans should check out these great books coming out Wednesday:

AI Yori Aoshi Vol 9
Arcana Vol. 1 published by Tokyopop, created by So-Young Lee, 192 pages $9.99 and rated T. If you're a fan of Magic Knight Rayearth and Saiyuki you should check this one out. It is filled with wizards, dragons and deceit--an epic quest in the vein of Lord of the Rings.
Crescent Moon Vol. 6
Fruits Basket Vol. 9
Samurai Executioner Vol. 4
Tarot Cave Vol. 2

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