Tuesday, May 03, 2005

What's New: coming in May 4th

Is it May already? I've been so busy with the various end of the month tasks that need to be done here at Neptune, I haven't had much time to read many comics or to post on this blog. But I made it a point to be sure to take the time to go over what's coming in tomorrow.

As we've all started to learn, the first weeks of each month are light on books, while the last two weeks are full. But, there are some good ones coming out tomorrow that people should definately check out.

New Comics (#1 issues)
I'm going to refer to this week as (of 6) week, since most of the new books are #1 of 6, and several of the ongoing titles are (of 6) too. Aparently 6 is the favored number of issues for a mini-series.

Batman Dark Detective #1 (of 6) DC written by Steve Englehart and art by Marshall Rogers & Terry Austin. This same team did a run on Detective Comics in the late 1970’s that received critical acclaim. Now they are back! In this series the Dark Knight must face the most famous and feared members of his Rogues Gallery. In the first issue the Joker enters a gubernatorial election using the campaign slogan “Vote for me or I’ll kill you!” Will it persuade the voters? Plus, Bruce’s old lover interest Silver St. Cloud returns, as do Two-Face and the Scarecrow. I paged through our sneak peek copy, and the book looks to have the 1970’s style art. The buzz is good—I don’t know about you, but I’ll check it out.

Matador #1 (of 6) DC Wildstorm written by Devin Grayson (Nightwing) with art by Brian Stelfreeze (Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight). Dismissed as a quota minority hire by here work peers, Cuban-born and Florida-bred Detective Isabel Cordona makes no friends on the Miami force by insisting that a series of seemingly unrelated murder cases lead to an urban-legend killer known only as “The Matador.” Proving his existence soon becomes the only way to prove her sanity—but how close to the dangerous Matador will Cardona have to get to make that happen? I paged through this one also, and wasn’t impressed by the cartoonish art. But I’ll at least pick up the first issue to see how it reads.

Monster War: Magdalena Vs. Dracula #1 (of 4) Image Top Cow, written by Chris Golden & Tom Sniegoski, art by Joyce Chin and Scott Kester. Evil invades the Top Cow Universe! Dracula invades London, and only the Magdalena can stop him! But can Dracula turn Maggy into a vampire, or will the Tomb Raider be able to stop him? If you’re a Top Cow comics fan, pick this one up because it looks like it will bring in many of your favorite characters.

Rising Stars Voices of the Dead #1 (of 6) Image Top Cow, Written by Fiona Avery, art: Staz Johnson & Wayne Faucher. Lionel Zerb can see dead people. Always considered the freak in the Rising Stars universe, Zerb’s story has largely gone overlooked…until now. As a direct conduit to the dead, Zerb opens an agency as a Ghost Interpreter, helping people deal with hauntings and other “spirit” cases. I never read any of the other Rising Stars comics, so I can’t give too much input here. The description does sound interesting to me and I’ll check it out. If I like it I might even read some of the Rising Stars graphic novels we’ve got in stock.

Shadowhawk #1 Image, story by Jim Valentino, written by Jim Keplinger with art by Carlos Rodriguez & Albert Puig. When Eddie Collins and his father moved to New York, Eddie was given a mystical helmet and became the last in a line of legendary heroes dating back to Ancient Egypt. But does even ShadowHawk have the power to stop the man called BlackLight? Even if he does, a new mystery waits in the wings as a mysterious stalker attempts to uncover ShadowHawk’s secret identity. Even if he does, a new mystery waits in the wings as an enigmatic stalker attempts to uncover ShadowHawk’s secret identity and a former hero, awakened from a deep coma, goes mad! I know ShadowHawk is a blast from the not-so-distant past, but I never read the old ones. ShadowHawk fans should check it out as the samples of art I looked at were very good.

Villains United #1 (of 6): DC, written by Gail Simone (Birds of Prey) with art by Dale Eaglesham & Wade von Grawbadger(H.E.R.O.). This is the third of 4 comics to spin off of the DC Countdown story. All of the DC Countdown spin-off issues #1 first editions have sold out (even ones not out on the shelves yet). In this spin-off we get a closer look at the villains of the DCU. Within the ranks of the world’s vilest villains something perhaps even more wicked is brewing, and only the mysterious being code-named Mockingbird has all the answers. I like Gail Simone’s work on Birds, so I think this story should be strong too. The sneak peek copy I looked over looks interesting-plenty of DCU baddies, and the art is strong also. This one will go fast, so if you want it, don’t delay!

HOT books - ongoing titles that sell well
  • Detective Comics #806
  • GLA #2 (of 4)
  • Lex Luthor #3 (of 5)
  • New X-Men #13
  • Seven Soldiers Shining Knight #2 (of 4)
  • Superman #216
  • Ultimate Fantastic Four #18

Other Good Stuff!
  • Complete Peanuts Vol. 3 Hard Cover
  • Essential Defenders Vol. 1 Paperback
  • Fullmetal Alchemist Vol. 1 - the VERY popular Anime becomes Manga
  • Houdini Man From Beyond Paperback
  • Kana De Manga & Kanji De Manga - Manga size instructional books, teaches Japanese!
  • Marvel Must Haves: Ultimates 2 1-3 (if you missed the single issues this is the next best way to catch up!)
  • Ranma 1/2 Vol. 30 - this popular series continues.

No action figures or toys this time. For those of you who want a blow-up Family Guy Stewie, we've ordered more! We'll let you know if/when we get more in. (check www.neptunecomics.com/comics every weekend to see what we're getting in the next week).

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