Tuesday, June 07, 2005

INCOMING - Good stuff coming in June 8th

OK, I hope I haven't been too neglectful of this blog lately. I really will try to get to it more often and post at least a couple of times each week.

Here's the rundown for this Wednesday, June 8th.

NEW BOOKS (#1 Issues)

CISCO KID GUNFIRE & BRINSTONE #1—published by Moonstone, by Len Kody & Dennis Calero: The Cisco Kid chases the Brujera straight into a trap laid by a Texas Ranger and his crafty Indian partner. The Ranger’s set to fight fair against Cisco, as is his way, but Cisco’s mouth is about to get him murdered. There’ also a very strange gorgeous woman who wants him…but her motives are shrouded in dreams. As if that wasn’t enough hassle, Tonia’s father, a powerful shaman, steps out of the smoke with his own claim to Cisco’s life! This book is done in grey tones, 32 pages. If you’re a fan of westerns, then definitely check this one out! There was a previous Cisco Kid (different creative team) that received quite a bit of critical acclaim.

FATHOM #1—published by Aspen MLT Inc, by JT Krul, Koi Turnbull, Jason Gorder & Christina Strain: This seems like it’s been announced to death, there was even a Fathom Prelude just last week. But for those of you that don’t know about it yet… This spins off of last year’s Fathom: Dawn of War series. Fathom returns, and for Aspen, her return couldn’t come soon enough. This will ship with 2 covers, on by Turner and the other by Koi Turnbull.

GRAVITY #1—published by Marvel, written by (one of Neptune Comics’ favorites, Eisner award nominee, and a former Wisconsin boy) Sean McKeever, art by Mike Norton. Meet freshman Greg Willis, NYC newbie from the rural Midwest hoping to realize his dream of becoming a big-city super hero. But will the realities of city life, college and saving the day prove to be too much for him? This is a 5-part mini series. I read it already, and the writing and art are excellent. For those of you who have read Intimates and Legion of Super Heroes, but got bored because the story had emotion but no action, check this out – it’s written just as good, and plenty of action. And for those of us who grew up here in the Midwest, it is also something we could relate to.

NEW WARRIORS #1—published by Marvel, written by Zeb Wells, art by Skottie Young: This 6-part mini-series brings back the New Warriors. When Night Thrasher strikes a mysterious deal with a Reality-TV producer, the team moves out of New York to help the villain-plagued denizens of small-town America. Is the heartland ready for Big City Super-Heroes?

STARDUST KID #1—published by Image, written by J.M. DeMatties, art by Mike Ploog: The names of this creative will be familiar if you were a fan of Crossgen’s Abadazad, as they are the same team who brought us that tale of wonder. It is another fantasy tale, about young Cody DiMarco, who went to bed with life as it’s always been, but woke up to find that the world he knew was gone. This comic looks excellent, both story and art, from the sample I’ve seen. I’d recommend to fans of Abadazad, Lullaby Wisdom Seeker, Lions Tigers & Bears, Grimore… anyone who enjoys a whimsical fairy tale type story, to check this out.

STRANGE GIRL #1—published by Image, written by Rick Remender art by Eric Nguyen: Ten years after the Rapture, the Earth in unprotected by God, and the demonic citizens of hell have flooded our world, enslaving the remaining human population. After saving the life of a runt demon named Bloato, bartender, occultist, and all around arse kicker Bethany Black discovers that God is soon returning to wipe the Earth clean of everything unholy. With the end of the world coming, Bethany and Bloato set out to find the last doorway left into heaven and plead for admission.

YOTSUBA&! VOLUME 1 MANGA--published by ADV Films, written and illustrated by Kiyohiko Azuma (the creator of Azumanga Daioh): This is being called "one of the best new adventure comedies" for manga fans. Little yotsuba is a green-haired and wide-eyed girl who literally doesn't have a clue - about anything. This story is of her hilarious exploits of this out-of-this-world schoolgirl as her befuddled friends attempt to uncover the secrets behind this strange child, Yotsuba&!

Here's some other stuff coming out that is worthy of consideration.

Finally Army of Darkness Shop Til You Drop Dead #3 is coming out. Fans shouldn't miss it.

Green Arrow #51 - Identity crisis tie-in arc. This one will be big.

Marvel 1602 Paperback. This has been critically acclaimed as one of the best original Marvel series to date. They're doing another 1602 mini series soon, too, as this one was so widely popular. Formerly available only in hard cover, pick up this and save some money.

Lex Luthor Man of Steel #4 - a great series, it's almost over though, so don't miss out.

McFarlane Toys - Twisted Fairy Tales figures. A take on Red Riding Hood, Miss Muffit, and Hansel and Gretel that only the twisted folks at McFarlane could create. These will be super-hot, toy collecters won't want to miss out!

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