Friday, July 22, 2005

We don't buy them, we never did

It seems like, on a daily basis, we have at LEAST on request from someone asking if we buy cards. The answer is very simply, no. Not Magic, not Yu-Gi-Oh or Pokemon or even the Star Wars or Marvel trading cards. It's not our thing. We have never done it, and we don't plan on doing it. If you've been in the store you have probably seen our single card binders and boxes, and you're thinking, "where do you get those singles, then?" And I would tell you, from packs. We order boxes and when the set is brand new we open packs, usually 1 box worth, and sell those.

Just the other day, I had a young man come in hoping to make a purchase--with money I gave him from buying his cards. He insisted we bought cards in the past from his friend. I insisted we never did anything of the sort. Finally his friend realized he sold his cards to a different shop in Waukesha. I suggested they go there and give it a try. See, we don't move a lot of opened cards. We move more in new product than old, used product. Even in single cards, we sell a lot of the harder to find and more valuable rares from the set within the first couple months the set is out, and then it slows WAY down. And we hardly ever move many common cards. In this young man's case, it wasn't worth it for me to give him an item I could sell for real cash money in exchange for a bunch of cards I probably couldn't make any money from.

Today I had a young man come in, he's been in before and asked the same question then, and ask me if we would buy his Yu-Gi-Oh. I said no. He looked through our binder and kept on insisting that the cards we had in there did NOT come from packs. There were a few cards that came from tournament prize kits-extras we had left over after we stopped holding the tournaments here, and couple of Yu-Gi-Oh movie cards (which did, technically, come from a pack) in there. But all of the rest came from packs we opened here. In fact, most Yu-Gi-Oh cards come from packs--that's how one gets them. But this young man insisted that they did NOT come from packs, even though every card has letters on it signifing which set they are from. Where he thought I got them, I have NO idea.

So, I just wanted to put it down in writing, for all to see. Kids seem to want cash this summer, and sorry, but we won't be the ones giving it to you. We never have, and we just don't plan to.

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