Thursday, August 25, 2005


So, you might have noticed, but I spend a bit of time ranting on here about the few crazy people we get in from time to time. These are by no means the majority of the people that come into the store. In fact, we have lots of really great customers! They are the ones who make it worth it to come here every day. They are the ones that keep our doors open and lights on, and who inspire us to do our very best to serve everyone who comes into the Neptune Comics door. Today’s blog is dedicated to them.

Back in May Craig & I attended the confirmation of his goddaughter one Sunday. My sister and her best friend filled in for the 4 hours. They both told us how the “regulars” were worried about us because we weren’t here. It made us smile and feel good knowing that people notice when we’re not there and even worry because we almost always are.

We have had people offer to help us in little ways, and some big ways too. When we do Free Comic Book Day here many of our regulars bring new people in, and we have even had people bring food donations for the food drive we do in conjunction with FCBD even though they didn’t make it to the actual event. Others have given us little gifts, like the Spider-Man poster pictured above signed to Neptune Comics by Joe Quessada. Many have sent/brought their friends and family here and they in turn have become good customers. Several tell us over and over how much they enjoy shopping here and how they won’t shop at any other comics store as long as we’re around. And many many others make it part of their week just about each and every week to come into the store and pick up comics and other things, chat with us for a while, and let us know they’ll be back again the next week.

I think we have some of the most supportive comic buying customers out there. We here stories about people to let their comics and merchandise stack up for months and months without even a call to let the store owner know when/if they plan to come in and pick up the stuff; guys who come in and demand a better discount or they’ll take their business somewhere else; people who are always grouchy and/or irritating every time they come in; and they go on. Here at Neptune Comics we get very little of this. We know here that you should treat people the way you want to be treated, so we do our best to be nice to everyone who comes in, and to try to go above and beyond in helping them, we try to be fair, truthful, honest, open, sincere and pleasant. The store is kept clean and organized and well-lit so that the shopping experience is easy and fun. I think that because we do these things, our customers give back to us in all the ways mentioned above and more.

I know we don’t say it often enough – THANK YOU!! Thanks to each and every one of you who shop here. Thanks for your support and smile. We know there are other comic stores you could shop at and maybe even get a better “deal” yet you come here. Maybe we know your first name, maybe we don’t just yet, but we thank each and every one who comes in, who sends a friend in, who lets us know in one way or another that they appreciate what we do here. We are rapidly approaching our second year, and we couldn’t have gotten this far without you. As Neptune Comics continues to grow over the years, we hope to get to know more great people as well as continue the quality relationships we have with those of you that already come here to shop. We appreciate you all!! THANKS SO MUCH!

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