Monday, November 07, 2005

Sneaks & News

Not too much yet today - with Wizard World Texas ending on Sunday most of the comic book/pop culture news reporters are slowly waking up and getting going. So, maybe tomorrow I'll have more interesting news to share.

Some more photos for Superman Returns. Many are pretty boring, but I think I saw a nearly naked guy in a couple.

Some more photos from this week’s episode of Smallville – “Splinter” where Clark goes nuts from a new form of Kryptonite.

Gamers are not left out of the hi-tech cell phone world! Now Magic: The Gathering players can get screen savers and tournament updates live via their cell.

At Wizard World Texas this weekend Michael Turner announces that there’s a good chance for Fathom becoming a live-action movie.

Are puffy shirts back in style? If you pre-order the Seinfeld season 5&6 gift set you can get yourself your very own puffy shirt!

Slated for an early December release, check out the first few pages of the Marvel “What If Captain America…”

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