Wednesday, December 14, 2005

DC One Year Later changes - SUMMARY

Summary time. The list is overwhelming, so I tried to summarise it a bit.

All "One Year Later" titles will be solicited in the January Previews (Volume XVI #1) and are scheduled to arrive in stores in March.

Books that are continuing, but with a new creative team/art team:
• AQUAMAN: SWORD OF ATLANTIS #40 (formerly just called Aquaman)
• BATMAN #651
• FIRESTORM: THE NUCLEAR MAN #23 (formerly just called Firestorm)
• GREEN LANTERN #10 (maybe a new team can get it done on time!)
• HAWKGIRL #50 (formerly Hawkman)
• JSA #83
• ROBIN #148
• SUPERGIRL #7 (ditto Green Lantern comments)
• SUPERMAN #650 (formerly Adventures of Superman)

Books that are undergoing a name change:
• Aquaman will be AQUAMAN: SWORD OF ATLANTIS starting with issue #40
• Firestorm will be FIRESTORM: THE NUCLEAR MAN starting with issue #23
• Hawkman will become HAWKGIRL starting with issue #50
• Adventures of Superman will be cancelled at issue #649 but SUPERMAN will basically become Adventures starting with issue #650 (yeah, it’s a confusing one!)
• Legion of Superherose will become SUPERGIRL AND THE LEGION OF THE SUPER-HEROES starting with issue #16 (they must think putting Supergirl’s name on the cover will sell more copies)

Books that are ending (for now at least):
• Flash, I THINK the final issue #230
• JLA, not sure what issue is the last.
• Wonder Woman, Final Issue #226
• Adventures of Superman, final issue #649 (Technicall Superman is ending with issue #226, and then coming back as #650, but with the Superman stories.)
• Gotham Central, final issue: #40
• Batman: Gotham Knights, final issue: #74

Books that will be undergoing character/creative direction changes (that have been announced so far):
• BIRDS OF PREY #92-new members
• OUTSIDERS #34 New roster of heroes
• TEEN TITANS #34 New roster of heroes
• BLOOD OF THE DEMON #13 New series direction

Edited 12/15/05 to include:

  • New series that will start/spinn off of the Crisis (announced so far):
    Blue Beetle will have a new title character following in the footsteps of Ted Kord, written by Keith Giffen.
  • A new Wonder Woman series will also start in March 2006, with artist Terry Dodson.
  • A new Flash series may restart.
  • Superman Confidential will begin as an ongoing title in June 2006.
  • Checkmate, a spin-off of events in the The OMAC Project mini-series, writer Greg Rucka, artist Jesus Saiz.
  • Shadowpact, a spin-off of events in the Day of Vengeance mini-series, writer and artist Bill Willingham.
  • Secret Six, a spin-off of events in the Villains United mini-series, writer Gail Simone, artist Brad Walker.
  • Ion, a spin-off of events in Green Lantern, writer Ron Marz, artist Greg Tocchini.
  • Green Lantern Corps, another spinoff from recent Green Lantern events, will start around this time.

I KNOW that there will be more changes, so I will try to update this list as the changes come down.

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