Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Holiday Blahs

Well, I just haven't had much to share this week. Not any comic news I thought was particularly newsworthy. Plus, we've been fairly busy. Rumor has it that the other comic book store in town is closing in a few days and he aparently has not been open much this wee, so we've had a nice little influx of new people. Plus, due to our advertising I think, we have had new people with Christmas money decide to spend it here. YEAH!! Thanks to all of you who did so! Hopefully we will see you again very soon.

Not getting comics again until Thursday also makes the week seem kind of blah - new comics are the highlight of the week. It's our busiest day of course, and so we get to hear all kinds of great stories from people. Plus, we get to check out the new comics (if we have time, to that is).

So, we'll see you tomorrow!

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