Monday, December 19, 2005

Infinite Crisis - hmmm... this could be important!

I just got this off of the DC website today. I don't read Teen Titans, so I'm not sure of the context, but my feeling is this could be a big part of the Crisis:

As a result of the recent magic crisis, Brother Blood once again returned to life...and brought with him his "new Titans West", comprised of the all-zombie line-up of Phantasm, Kole, Lilith, Hawk, Dove and Aquagirl!

Sensing a great disturbance, Raven explained that "death has lost its meaning. The doorway between life and death has been cracked open for years. Ever since Superman came back to us. And then Oliver Queen, Hal Jordan, Jason Todd."

Check out the guide for more Teen Titans links to the Crisis!

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