Monday, December 19, 2005

New News

If you STILL haven’t done your Christmas shopping, you’d better get going, it’s getting late. Here are some ideas for other comic book fans on your list (or for yourself).

A Scottish newspaper announced that Mark Millar, who just happens to be a scottsman himself, as well as a comic writer and consultant to Marvel, has convinced the powers that be at Marvel Entertainment to do a “photo comic.” “Entitled 1985, the project re-invents the photo-story medium, formerly used for romance tales in teenage girls’ magazines such as the now defunct Jackie and Patches, both formerly produced by Dundee-based publisher DC Thomson.” If you have ever seen the Illusive Arts comic book, Doroth of Oz, you have an idea of what photo comics are. If not, check out their web site: Millar claims that photo comics are the future of comics, and he has hired almost 100 actors and stunt men to pose for the comic. However, according to the paper, Marvel was unavailable for comment.

ANOTHER comic book story in the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette! Come on Milwaukee, get in on this action! Anyway, here’s a story about Michael Rosenbaum, the actor who plays Lex Luthor on Smallville, as well as doing the voice for Flash on the animated Justice League Unlimited.

Slideshow from Kryptonsite of the trailer for episode #100, called “Reckoning.” Nothing spoilerish unless you didn’t know that someone is supposed to die. Well, now you know that, so go ahead and look.

Days of Wonder will release Ticket to Ride Marklin Edition in North America next April. This third edition in the Ticket to Ride series features a tie-in with famed German model train manufacturer Marklin, utilizing authentic images of its most beautiful trains from past to present. The earlier editions have sold well, selling over 450,000 copies. This one sounds like it should have the best graphics, and be a HUGE hit for model train enthusiasts.

Despite rumors and theories to the contrary, Joss Whedon still has not chosen someone to be Wonder Woman in his movie. And, it sounds like he’s not even finished writing the script, so the movie is still a LONG way off.

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