Monday, January 09, 2006

Books driven by a pack of IDOTS!

GGGRrrrr.. can you believe it? Because I stinking CAN’T! Once again we get a call letting us know that our comic book delivery (as well as the other area stores) will once AGAIN be a day late. They are once again blaming a UPS Truck for the problem—how does the SAME truck route experience a break-down 3 times in 4 weeks. Yeah, I’d like to know too. Believe me, we are NOT doing this on purpose. And, we are not the only store having the problem. And yes, it is frustrating for you and for us. The distributor (Diamond Comics Distribution) continues to assure us that they are “working on the problem.” Frankly, I just don’t see how we could have that much bad luck! Not sure if UPS can’t figure out how to repair the truck, or if the driver drinks before he does his route, or if the distributor (Diamond Comics) is making up stories in order to make it look like it’s not their fault.

If you are mad and want to let the folks ad Diamond Comics Distribution know, maybe it would help them “work on the problem” a little quicker, so we can ALL get back to getting our books on Wednesday. The main office number is: Phone: (410) 560-7100, when you call let the receptionist know you'd like to lodge a complaint with someone in management regarding late comic book delivery. If you’d rather email, the Regional Mgr for our distribution center is Ed Briggs, and his email is: Or the Diamond Upper Management Team: You could also drop a letter to Marvel, DC, Image, Darkhorse and Tokyopop (these addresses should be in your favorite comics) and let them know that Diamond is failing to do the job these publishers hired them to do (these publishers have EXCLUSIVE contracts with Diamond, allowing Diamond to be the ONLY distributor for their books).

We are very sorry for this inconvenience! Hang in there everyone, eventually we will get our books on Wednesday. Don’t give up on us! See you Thursday, 1/12.

Baring any delays, we will return to Wednesday the following week, January 18th. Keep your fingers crossed!!

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Moonshadow said...

I assume you've seent eh roiginal Battlestar Galactica?
There's a scene after teh humans have escaped the Cylons where Apollo, Boomer, and Starbuck are aboard some ship. Boomer is trying to contact the Galactica about the food shortage that the refugees are suffering from.
Boomer calls the Galactica and is told, "Core command is aware of the problem," by some bridge officer. Boomer tells Apollo that all he's getting is a "...vague awareness of the situation."
So, with your shipping situation, it sounds to me like "Core Command is aware of the problem..."
Don't you just love it when they say things like that?