Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Dorothy of Oz Review

I recently checked this book out and thought it was good - and very different from what is currently out there in comic book land. Part of it is rendered and part is photographs, which gives the book a very different look. The story is about Dorothy - from the Wizard of Oz, only a different Dorothy than what you are used to. No Judy Garland here! Make Dorothy a character in today's time, and a bit of a goth punk, and you have an idea of what she's like here. It is a fun deviation from the traditional, that's for sure. But, this is not for everyone! It has mature themes, so it is not for young children or those who are easily offended. But, if you are looking for something fun and different, I encourage you to check this out.

The first issues are available in trade paperback, and I know we have copies of it on the way.
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