Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Heres my rant today-Say HI!

Here’s my rant today… WHY don’t people say “HI?”  Are we just becoming a less friendly nation? Or, when people enter a store and someone says “hi” to them, do they automatically assume the person might try to sell them something if they are acknowledged?

Those of you who have met me know that I usually appear to be cheery and friendly. Now, my husband might tell a different story, but we won’t get into that right now.  Even if someone is driving me absolutely CRAZY, I do my best to keep smiling and being nice.  I am not horribly disfigured and I don’t look like a “pushy salesman.”  So, when I say “hi” to someone as they walk into my store, I think they should say “hi” back.  At least look my way and nod.  If I ask to help you, you can always blow me off by saying that you’re just looking (for something specific that you don’t want to tell me about because I might convince you to buy it and two other things).  But, at LEAST say “hi.”  Ignoring me is just rude!  And, it makes me suspicious of you.  Don’t say you’re too busy either.  I have people say “hi” as they reach one arm in to grab The Onion (newspaper), and if they have time, then those of you who walk fully into the store definitely do.

Don’t use that whole “comic book geek” excuse either.  Just because someone might be socially inept doesn’t mean that their mouths cannot form words.  In fact, once you get a geek (of any kind) talking it can be hard to shut him/her up.  Saying “hi” doesn’t mean I want a conversation with you, just a simple acknowledgement that I know you came into the store and you know I’m there should you have a question.

Isn’t it simple manners to speak when spoken to?  Not saying “hi” after being greeted is just plain rude.  Yet day after day people come into my store, are politely greeted, and then refuse to reply back.  Maybe a few didn’t hear my greeting, but certainly not all of them.  No wonder people think comic book fans are socially inept! If you can’t even figure out that if someone says “hi” to you, you should respond back in-kind, then maybe you need to get out more, or do a search of “basic manners” on-line.  


Scott King said...

Ok I gotta respond. I HATE being bugged by store employees when I shop.

When I was in highschool they added a Disney store to our mall. I invented a game. The goal was to walk into the store, touch the back wall, and walk out without someone asking if they can help you. ---seriously we would go to the mall and play this game.

Now I'm not socially inept in any kind of way. I have no problem being load or social. I just don't like being bugged when I'm contemplating spending money. Though if approached by a sales person I won't ignore them. I'll respond. Otherwise I would just be rude.

Also if its a place I regularly shop then its different too. Like right now i'm at B&N and when i walked in i had two differnet employees come over and say 'Hi' and i talked to both of them for a few minutes.

Anonymous said...

haha "load" was a typo for "Loud" lol

Julian Darius said...

Having been raised largely in the Midwest myself, I couldn't agree more about the need to respond. I suppose it's a cultural thing.

There's a fine line to be drawn between ignoring a customer in a store and PESTERING that person. A "hi" is nice, saying "I know you're here -- you're not just a wallet with feet to me" (even if that's not true). A "can I help you" or a forced "welcome to Walmart!" upon entrance is a little odd.

Kevin S. said...

Now you've made me self-conscious. I'm worried if I ever didn't say hi. I'll have to remember to do it now...

Anonymous said...

Hey, it is rude to not respond with a HI, and anyone that actually shops at Neptune knows that Craig and Lisa are not pushy, and are extremely nice. They don't "bug" you in the least. I think it is a general decline in the manners of most people in this country, although it does appear to be worse with the younger people. Geez, I can't even take a walk without saying hi to those I pass, and I don't even like people very much!!! Lisa's right, be nicer people!!!