Sunday, March 12, 2006

Family Comic Shop.

I just had to share this article. It’s about a comic book store in Fair Lawn, NJ called The Joker’s Child. It started much the same way Neptune Comics did – with a husband and wife who wanted to own a comic book store, against the advice of many others. They got it going and it supported itself, although not them right away. But they kept at it, and ran it as their business, not a hobby. They call customers by first name, and work to have a neat, organized and friendly store. Kind of sounds like us at Neptune – or at least what we try to achieve and do. The Joker’s Child is in its 18th year of business, surviving the comic boom, bust, and boom again. Here’s to hoping that Neptune Comics continues to grow, and after 18 years we can say we got to see your children grow up, and shared some great moments together.

To read the article click here.


Scott said...

18 years? pfffffff you can easily beat that. Oh and hey... Maybe its just me, but your blog is all wierd. I have to scroll down like 3.5 miles to get to the most recent entry.

Lisa said...

Yeah Scott, and everyone else who is having the same problem... I don't know WHAT it is. It happens on the store computer too, but on my home PC it lays out fine. I can't figure out what is causing it, except that at home I use Modzilla and at the store we use MS Explorer.