Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I can really be a bitch

I can really be a bitch some times, ya know. Seriously! People think I’m so nice, but the truth is, sometimes I’m mean. Thank goodness Craig keeps me in check from time to time.

Here are some examples:

I bitched and bitched about that guy who came in last week to read comics, but didn’t buy any – for the second visit in a row—and that’s just one example of my bitching after someone leaves the store. Read my archived blogs for more!

The other day a telemarker called – it was a slow day here which puts me into a bad mood. So, I told her flat out how I didn’t appreciate her call and would not be doing business with her. Poor thing, just trying to do her job and here I am getting bitchy with her.

I am bitchy with Craig quite often. Either because he didn’t do something or because something he has no control over has gone wrong and I’m ticked, and he’s there for me to vent at.

At the end of the year, we got our “common area maintenance” (or CAM) report from the landlord, and as far as I could tell we were all getting royally ripped off. So, I wrote them a bitchy letter and enclosed it with our rent payment.

Someone came into the store once and twisted around something I had told them weeks earlier, trying to get a discount on something. Craig gave him the discount because he didn’t know what had been discussed – and you better believe I bitched about that.

A guy told a couple of people that we were going into business with him. Well, if I have anything to say about it, that probably won’t happen. He brought it up to Craig, who rather than saying “no” outright said it would be something we’d have to talk about. Now the guy goes around spreading the rumor that it’s happening. I totally wanted to call the guy and bitch at him to knock it off - but Craig won't let me.

Oh here’s a good one – yesterday I took the garbage out and our dumpster was full – of garbage that wasn’t ours. We have to pay for that dumpster! So I put a BIG sign on it saying, “this dumpster belongs to Neptune Comics Please stop throwing your trash in our dumpster.” I mean seriously, we don’t usually fill it, so if this other person wants to split the cost with us and share it we can talk, but don’t think you can just use our dumpster for free!! This isn’t the first time its happened, in fact, since we switched dumpster providers this winter it has happened quite often, and it makes me bitchy!

I had to wait in line, behind a flock of retirees, to get postage stamps - the 2 cent ones. They don't have them in the postage machine in the hall. Here I am, waiting for 14 minutes for 20 cents in postage!! My time is worth more than that! So, when I got to the counter and made my purchase, I mentioned to the guy that it is STUPID for me to have to wait in a long line just to buy 2 cent stamps, and that they REALLY should have them in the machine.

So, while I might seem nice, I think I’m just kind of bitchy. Oh well.

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