Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Leaving for Las Vegas!

If you somehow managed not to hear already, I am going to Las Vegas with my mom for a week.  I’ll leave tomorrow and return late next Thursday.  Craig will be on his own here at the store, so he’s going to be closed Monday and opening late on Tuesday so that he can do his full-time job and make sure we can pay the bills.  Then, he’ll have a full day by himself on Wednesday.  Be nice to him!!  Please!!  Bring him food and water so he doesn’t perish, maybe call or send an email to make sure he’s ok.  Don’t yell at him if he doesn’t have all of your books held, or if he can’t answer a question because he’s exhausted.  Because, if he has a hard time, he won’t be so happy to let me go off on a vacation the next time!

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