Monday, April 03, 2006

Civil War Crossover Details

The "Road to Civil War" portion includes no surprises:
New Avengers: Illuminati
The Amazing Spider-Man #529-531
This storyline not only features the debut of Spidey's "Iron Spidey" costume but sees Peter Parker join Iron Man's quest to stave off the government's crackdown on super-heroes.

Fantastic Four #536-537
Besides tying into Civil War, these issues feature the return of Thor's hammer and of Doctor Doom.
Civil War: Opening Shot Sketchbook

The longer main portion of the checklist does include some surprises along the way:
Civil War #1-7
The main event by Millar and McNiven.

Civil War: Frontline #1-10
The biweekly spin-off mini-series.

Amazing Spider-Man #532-537
Black Panther #18
Cable / Deadpool #30-32
Captain America #22-24
Civil War: Young Avengers & Runaways #1-4
Marvel has designed this series to bring attention to Young Avengers and Runaways, two strongly critically acclaimed titles featuring younger characters.

Civil War: X-Men #1-4
This mini-series apparently serves as the main X-Men tie-in to the crossover, which doesn't seem to affect the core X-Men titles.

Fantastic Four #538-543
Heroes for Hire #1-3
The first three issues of this new ongoing series will tie into Civil War.
Iron Man #13-14
Because Iron Man is running late (issue #6 was just published), these two tie-in issues will be offered late during the Civil War crossover.

Ms. Marvel #6-8
New Avengers #21-25
Writer Brian Michael Bendis has promised that no Marvel title will be affected by Civil War more than New Avengers. This five-issue tie-in arc will see each issue focus on a different character.

Punisher War Journal #1-3
As previously announced, this new ongoing series is necessary because Punisher plays a role in Civil War, yet his book, as a part of Marvel's mature readers MAX line, cannot tie into the general readers Civil War event.

She-Hulk #8
Thunderbolts #103-105
Wolverine #42-47
While Wolverine: Origins continues the storyline that sees Wolverine exploring his newfound memories in the wake of Houe of M, the standard Wolverine title will tie into Civil War.

X-Factor #8-9
Marvel Spotlight: Millar / McNiven
Daily Bugle: Civil War Edition
Much like the Daily Bugle edition offered for House of M, this faux issue of The Daily Bugle will tie into Civil War.

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