Monday, April 24, 2006

Marvel's Civil War gets press coverage

Over the last month or so, the upcoming Civil War story/crossover from Marvel has been getting quite a bit of press. I always like it when comics get some good buzz in the "normal" press (meaning places like Newsweek, rather than The story looks interesting, and if people can prevent becoming overwhelmed by yet another crossover story, it sould get lots of people reading it. Many of Marvel's well known and long-loved characters, like Spider-Man, Captain America and Iron Man take the stage for this super hero conflict of interest. It will begin full-force with Civil War #1 next Wednesday, May 3. If you want to know more about Civil War, check out my links below. These are just a sampling of all of the Civil War info out there. (If you want to read Civil War and haven't already done so, make sure to reserve a copy at your local comic book retailer)

Jenkins talks Civil War: Frontline

Civil War press conference with Mark Millar

Superhero Civil War: Which side are you on?

Comic Heroes Split on Civil Issues

Review of Illumaniti

Marvel Heroes Will Fight Civil War

The Battle Outside Raging, Superheroes Dive In

If you are a PodCast fan:
Marvel's Civil War PodCast

Even Wikipedia has Civil War info

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