Tuesday, April 25, 2006

You Know You're Having A Bad Day...

  • When you wake up and your legs ache from the 3 mile walk you did two days ago.

  • When a HUGE bug of some kind crawls out of the shower faucet right before you jump in (might have been a mutated bumble bee, but I can’t be sure).

  • When your dog refuses to listen to you anymore, and won’t come inside, no matter how nicely you ask. Unless, of course, you bribe her with your last roll.

  • When you try to put some stuff on eBay with Turbo-lister and the dang thing keeps giving you error messages so you download the upgrade and finally, after three more changes and another 20 minutes, you can actually get your 4 items onto the site.

  • When the Turbo-luster upgrade you downloaded causes all of your documents sitting on your computer’s desk top to completely disappear, no matter where you look. This then forces you to attempt to quickly re-create all of your very important files like the lists of everyone’s comic book subscriptions for the month and the spreadsheets of current comics arrival dates and delayed comics dates.
  • When your sequart.com article is supposed to auto-post at 8 am and at 1 pm it's still not up, so you have to figure out what happened to it and then post it late. Then, someone leaves you a bad rating but no comments as to what they didn't like (for the second column in a row-COWARD).

  • When you go to Kohl’s Department Store to get new kaki pants for work and look around for 30 minutes before you find kakis that are full-length instead of Capri length.

  • When, in defeat for such a fowl day, you have a Turtle Sunday from Oscars instead of going for a walk.

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