Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Small store change

Just to prepare those of you who read this and shop in the store, we're doing a very minor store set-up change that will be ready to go tomorrow (Wednesday).

No more New This Week section. Now, that's not to say we won't have new books - because of course we will. They will be out Wednesday morning when we open, just as usual.

The difference is that we're going to put them on the new comics racks by the other issues, instead of in a separate section just for new books. We will tag/label them so that you can still find the weekly new issues, so don't worry about that. It's just that we've grown and sometimes on Wednesday we have a bunch of people all trying to look at one tiny section for new books. Now people will be able to spread out more as they grab their new books - everyone should be more comfortable as this new set up should eliminate people bumping into each other at the New This Week section.


Kevin S. said...


It sounds like a good idea, since it often it a bit cramped over by the new comics section (and over-polite me, too polite to reach in front someone to grab the new issue of New Avengers), but I'm worried I won't find the new issues.

I'm sure if they're tagged it will be fine.

Lisa said...

They are tagged - so most people have no problem finding what they're looking for. The books are all alphabetical, so as long as you know your alphabet (plus we marked sthe letters too) you shouldn't have a problem. Just like Walmart - LOOK FOR THE YELLOW TAGS.