Thursday, May 25, 2006

Superhero Stalking

I subscribe to Warren Ellis's "Bad Signal" email newsletter. Sometimes he's just a crazy drunk, rambling on about somthing that's too Brittish for me to even get. But today he was talking about Joss W. doing a new Buffy comic that will basically be season 8 of the TV show. Warren discussed "familarity" in that context, even talking a bit about the Superman Movie trailers and how super hero fans want the characters to stay the same forever. I loved the quote. Here it is:
Familiarity is, of course, the disease of superhero comics. Because the audience
wants to see the same characters in the same way every four weeks without
changing. It's less the desire for familiarity than it is stalking. But it is
what keeps things moving.

See, isn't that a good quote? That Ellis - he's great.

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Scott KING said...

You know... this entry makes me think. Why aren't there people in the comic-book worlds that actually stalk super-heroes. That makes sense. I mean in the real world here we have stalkers for celebrities. ...with your store-owning knowledge have there been storylines where this has been explored?