Friday, May 05, 2006

We Might Be Famous

After seemingly hundreds of press releases, phone calls, and general good will, Neptune Comics is slowly becoming famous!

You might know we were in the Waukesha Freeman way back when we first opened. Then we had an article written about Sean McKeever when he did a signing here in the summer of 2004, and we managed to get a TV news crew out here too.

Then nothing much for a while, a mention on a calendar here and there in local papers. Our TV ads too, which don't really count because they give us those because we pay for them.

On Monday this week I received a call from the Milwaukee Art Museum, looking for some help with their Free Comic Book Day plans, and we were able to help. So, they mentioned us on the MSOE radio station as well as sending our information out to all 26,000 people on the museum mailing list! But then I was mad when I saw that the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal's brief coverage of Free Comic Book Day somehow didn't include our store. However, my day got a whole lot better when I got a call from TV-6 to ask a few questions about Free Comic Book Day and to find out when the best time would be to bring in a crew and have a lot of people here!

I told him the earlier the better - so you all (well, except for those of you that read this from far, far away) should, nay must, stop in on Free Comic Book Day - maybe you can get yourself on TV!

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