Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Your Kids are Trashing my Store!

Hey lady, your kids are trashing my store!

Not too sure why you are so focused on the comic book in hand, because meanwhile one of your children is taking books off of the shelf and putting them back in completely the wrong place – great project for me later, good thing it’s slow today. Then your other child is grabbing stuff off of another shelf and tossing the items.

WHEW! You grabbed that stuff, but it doesn’t look like you care where you put it back either. Sorry that the $1 comics aren’t in any kind of order – but now that your family has ransacked the store, the rest are out of order too, so it shouldn’t bother you.

I’m sure its got to be hard to live your life with young children needing constant supervision (one reason why I don’t have any), but maybe you shouldn’t bring them in if you can’t control them somehow (tie them into a stroller if nothing else).

YIKES! Don’t bend the cover like that! Gaaakkkk! And still she doesn’t yell – gotta give her credit for that I guess.

Did the youngest one (probably around 2) just say “shit?” He’s grinning like he did as he takes his shoes and socks off and tosses them.

Oh, now the other one’s moved to the opposite side, watch out, he’s grabbing random comics again – looks like my project just got bigger.

Great, now he's got the table cloth....ooooohhh there go the sneak peaks. Please, let me fix it. Seriously, I don't mind.

And of course you don’t have your wallet – isn’t that quite convenient. Yeah, see you next time, sure, can’t wait.

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