Friday, June 02, 2006

Enough about her sexual preference already!

So, if you haven't heard by now, you are living under a rock! The news that DC's new Batwoman is a lesbian has been EVERYWHERE. It's been in the news, on the radio, everywhere. DC says it's a minor part of the overall character, but you'd think, from the media, that the name of her comic book would be "Batwoman-Lesbian in Leather." How about we talk about the creators of the book, or the stories. It's nice that comics get publicity, but I'm just tired of the only news being that she's a lesbo. I get it already! Can we please talk about something else now?

I subscribe to google links to keep up-to-date on comic news. Every day I get tons of links to these Batwoman lesbian news items every day. Here are just a portion of today's links, click on the title to be taken to the story:

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scott said...

Its wierd because its all over the main-media outlets. Saw it on Fox News and CNN. ...though honestly I don't really get the big deal. Haven't there been other lesbian heroes before? Maybe if like Wonder Woman turned lesbo or Batman & Robin were lovers--- THEN i'd get why it would be such a big deal. But batwoman? Shoot I've never even heard of batwoman before.