Saturday, June 24, 2006

More Ellis Quotes

If you haven't noticed, I'm a Warren Ellis fan lately. He's been rather chatty of late, and has been sharing funny tidbits. Today I got one of his random emails that he sends out to "Signal" subscribers. I chopped the n0n-funny part off. He's going to the Hero Convention in Charlotte, NC, just so you know the background. The rest is here for your ammusement:

Do not ask me to go outside.
According to weather stats, it's
ninety degrees in Charlotte, with
80% humidity, with storms,
lightning, urban flash floods and
exploding electrical transformers.
I am clearly flying into Hell. I am
staying indoors, with the air
conditioning, away from the sky
electricity, the raging torrents and
the random explosions. I may
venture outside if I can cannibalise
several hotel minibars into some
kind of refridgerated mobile lifepod.
Keep an eye out for a Dalek-looking
thing with cigarette smoke leaking
out of it.

Do not join the signing queue if
you're having to transport your
books to be signed in a wheeled
vehicle of any kind. I'll have you
tasered by security.

If you see me crying, just leave
me alone.

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