Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Waukesha Freeman Superhero Story

The Waukesha Freeman did a story today on Superheroes and how movies are impacting the comic book business. It's on the front cover! Go pick one up if you're from around here. If not, wait a day or two and then check for the full copy version on-line (they don't have the full version yet because they want people to buy the paper). If I remember, I will check in a couple of days and put a link to the full version on here, if they do one. Anyway, they quote a few comic book people in it, and really, I think the writer could have done more with the story than he did. Especially when you consider that it's on the front cover. Oh well - better than nothing I say.

We are one of the places they quote in the story. They quote the other Waukesha store too, which is funny, because at least once per week, since January 1 2006, I've had people tell me that either the owner or an employee told them that they're going out of business. So, I don't know what kind of expert he'd be. But, aparently he's not actually out of business.

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