Monday, July 31, 2006

Finally a bit of Luck

So, sometimes things can actually be early/on time and go smoothly. I was starting to have my doubts. The shipper for our new back issue bins had called and said he'd be bringing them tomorrow. Then, he called back and asked for directions, and said maybe today, but probably not. However, they DID arrive today! Look at them in all their beauty! And not a scratch on them!! None broke or fell or had drawers all discombobulated or anything. Ahhh... relief and celebration!
The top bins hold about one full short box, maybe slightly less. The drawers hold slightly less if you want to be able to browse them to see what they are. Each set of bins has 5 slots in, so that's almost 60 small boxes total!! And they are so nice looking!

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Anonymous said...

It looks great guys, no complaints about change this time, of course I haven't been in yet.....