Monday, July 31, 2006

New Section Shaping UP

Well, in spite of the one broken shelf last week, we're starting to whip the new addition into shape. We put all of the super hero graphic novels out on the new shelves. We're holding off on the rest for now, as we wait for the replacement shelf. (I am happy to say that the shelving company is giving us a replacement shelf at cost, so while it will cost us a little bit, it could have been about $250 worse). The comic book back issue bins should arrive either later tonight or, more likely, tomorrow in the morning. Of course they said we needed to have people to bring them in - which we only have Craig, but then he couldn't say for sure when he'd be coming. Doesn't that make it hard for us to just have people available? I think so.
Anyway---back to the rearranging... Once the super hero trades were on the new shelves, we moved the "all age/family" reading section from the tall shelf, where only the tallest of kids could reach the top shelves, to the 5 foot wire racks in the midde of the store. It makes it look like we've got more, plus it puts the books in reach of most kids except the very young/small ones. Then we took that section and put out a bunch of cool super hero gift items (as you can see in the photo). We also finally had a place to display the Disney collectable statues we've had for a few months now. We spread out the games a little more, and now have a little more room for action figures.
We also put up a bunch of cool pictures that will be hanging over the back issue bins. It's our own little gallery! I didn't take a picture of that yet though--I'm waiting for the bins to come in so you get full effect.


Scott King said...

still no wideshot .... :( SIGH*

Scott King said...

What's ZeroHour? it sounds like i should know it but I can't place it.