Monday, August 28, 2006

Bookshelf Resolution

We finally came up with an agreement with the company that made our new bookshelves. Rather than paying the full $400 for about 15 minutes of shelf installation, we are meeting half way and paying $200. Since the guy did come out, even though he was the main cause of the one shelf busting in half, I feel like he needs to be paid. And, since we didn’t see the installation clause in the contract before Craig signed it and faxed it back, it is partially our responsibility, even though we told the sales guy we didn’t need it. So, I guess we are comfortable with this compromise. With the “special” price on the replacement shelf and this, it basically comes out to be the full price of a new shelf plus delivery. Once they get our $200 payment they’ll arrange to have the replacement shelf shipped out, so it’s finally almost over.


scottator said...

what will go on the replacement shelf once you get it? Brocoli stems?

Lisa said...

Definately Brocoli. We considered coliflower, but Craig thinks it smells like dirty feet.

Actually, we have mainly just the superhero books on the shelves now, so once the new one comes we can finish moving everything else overthere.