Monday, August 21, 2006

Civil War additions

So, you all know about the whole delayed Civil War fiasco. Anyway, Marvel has given details on a couple MORE books they're issuing during the gaps when they won't be able to release half of the books in the Marvel Universe because of the delays with the regular Civil War issue.

First up is October's "Civil War: Choosing Sides." The specifics of this one could aparently change. (Hmmm... Marvel throwing something together? Never!) but, it at this time they claim it will be a multiple writer/artist "jam book" that focuses on the heroes caught in the Civil War who don't have their own series AND featured in Civil War: Frontline. (Basically characters you have never heard of.) This one-shot is supposed to come out and take place after Civil War #4.

February sees the addition of "Civil War: Battle Damage Report," which will be much like the "Planet Hulk Guide Book." It will take a look at everything that's happened after the war, where the world stands and will help map out the post Civil War Marvel Universe for readers.

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