Thursday, August 10, 2006


Have you been watching the new Sci-Fi channel original show: Eureka?

It's on on Tuesday nights from 8-9 pm central time, plus they have webisodes. I havn't gotten so into it that I'm watching those yet, but it is a pretty good show. It's about a town where the United States' best scientists go to live and work, creating new technologies that are supposed to be used to further advance US security and weaponry. But, it's not overly political or scientific. The character development is good, and the antics that occur in the town make each episode fun and unlike other shows on TV now.

For comic book geeks - they even have a rich guy who is running the lab where they make weapon tech like suits of armor for soldiers. The guy's name: Nathan Stark... notice that if you switch the A and the N at the beginning of the name, and ad the letter Y at the end, you have Anthony, the full name of comic book Iron Man Tony Stark. In fact, the actor who plays him sports dark, short hair and a gotee, so he looks quite a bit like the artists draw Tony "Iron Man" Stark. Coincidence? I think NOT! The photo on this post is him - see what I mean? Now, if he just had a Jack and Coke instead of an espresso we'd know for SURE.

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