Thursday, August 24, 2006


So, I talked briefly about the retailer summit in my previous post. To help us cover the cost of the trip Diamond and Alliance get some of the major publishers to give us free stuff that we can turn around and sell. Usually it's one or two really good things and then a bunch of other junk. Last year we had an All Star Batman and Robin retailer variant that went for a nice price, and a special X-Files promo trading card that we thought wouldn't be worth much but both of them sold for close to $50 on eBay. Here's what we're getting this year (the list might change slightly, but this should be pretty much what we get):

  • Abstract Studio, Inc. Exclusive print
  • Applehead Factory Teddy Scares Comic Book
  • Archie Comic Publications, Inc. TPBs, Fly, Mighty Crusaders & Shield
  • Bandai Collectible Games 1 PER STORE-Naruto CCG Apparel
  • Comic Images Film Frenzy Card Game
  • Dakuwaka Productions 1 PER STORE - Helios #3 (Double-sided issue)
  • Dark Horse Comics 1 PER STORE: ExclusiveThe Goon print from Eric Powell.
  • DC Comics 1 PER STORE-Justice League of America Retailer Variant #1
  • Diamond Comic Distributors Valuable Retailer Thank You Package-details TBA
  • Diamond Select Toys 1 PER STORE- Exclusive Star Trek:TNG Troi Figure
  • Educational Insights Play Foam Samples, Sea Monkeys
  • Fantastic Realm 1 per account: Witchblade #100
  • Final Sword Productions, Inc. 2007 Honorverse Calendar
  • FUNimation Entertainment DVD-New Release
  • Green Ronin Publishing Bleeding Edge #1: Mansion of Shadows
  • Hidden City Games Clout: Defenders of Undersea Starter
  • IDW Publishing TRANSFORMERS SPOTLIGHT: SHOCKWAVE Variant cover w/gold foil stamp & illustrated Nick Roche.
  • Image Comics Godland Vol 1 TP
  • Inkworks Promotional Trading Cards
  • Joyride Entertainment/RC2 Fullmetal Alchemist TCG
  • Markosia Enterprises, Ltd. Comic Book
  • Marvel Comics X-MEN PHOENIX WARSONG 2006 SUMMIT SKETCH VAR #1 1 PER STORE-Rare Wolverine Origins Promo Variant #2
  • Mayfair Games Deck of Playing Cards - Settler's of Catan
  • Mercury Comics 1 per Store-ATOMIKA Starter Pack, ATOMIKA Sketchbook
  • North East Games Mystical Empire CCG: 1st Edition Booster Pack
  • Paizo Publishing Gamemastery Item Pack
  • Palladium Books The Rifter
  • Playroom Entertainment Promo Cards
  • Pokemon, USA Inc. Pokemon Booster
  • Publisher Services, Inc. World of Darkness Counter Mat
  • Score Entertainment Promo cards, booster packs & numbered cards
  • TriKing Games 1 per store-Anachronism Demo
  • UART Limited Trigun & Hellsing Clear File, BEAR – Original Figure
  • Virgin Comics Alex Ross Poster
  • Viz Media Manga & DVD samples
  • Wizards of the Coast Dreamblade promo mini
  • Yaoi Press Saihoshi the Guardian Vol. 1 Graphic Novel
Some of the stuff they'll just hand out easily, and other items we'll have to listen to some sales pitch in order to get it. If you see something on the list you want, you'll have to let us know or it will, more than likely, end up on eBay.

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