Monday, August 28, 2006

State Senate Candidate

Ordinarily I would not put local politics on my blog. Most of it is a waste of time anyway and who cares. But this was just so crazy that I thought it might have been a joke being played by The Onion Newspaper. Herb Kohl is a very rich man, he even owns the Milwaukee Bucks NBA team. In addition, he's been a state senator for just about forever. People have attempted to take his senate seat in the past, but usually people with little money who's only hope is that running as the "every-man's man" might give them a shot, because their lack of cash sure won't.

Well, this year some complete nutball called Ben Masel is running against Kohl. How crazy can this guy be? Well, here is one example: "Ben Masel, who lists 'good hash' as one of his four interests on his MySpace page on the Internet. (And, yes, he's referring to hashish and not potatoes.) His other three interests: 'Getting acquitted.'" The photo shown here - yes, it is him. If you are really curious, Google him and you can read all about this hippy turned political advocate.

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