Friday, August 04, 2006

Wizard World, Chicago

While Wizard World might sound like a club for Harry Potter fans or pagan rituals, truth is that it's a comic book convention. Wizard Magazine owns this show, hence the name. Several years back it was the Chicago Comic-Con, but Wizard is slowly taking over the comic book world, one con at a time.

We're going down there tonight to hang out at the bar and people-watch. Then we'll be working the floor on Saturday. If you are planing on stopping by the store at all this weekend, we're closing at 6 pm tonight, only open from 12-4 tomorrow, and the regular 12-4 again on Sunday. My sister Gina will be here on Saturday holding down the fort.

If you want to look at some photos from last night, preview night at WWC, click here. I found it interesting that the folks at Marvel didn't seem to think the extra money fans paid to get in for this preview night was worthy of any Marvel employees being there to greet them. These are courtesy of CBR. I'll put my own photo montage up sometime, probably Sunday.

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