Sunday, August 06, 2006

Wizard World - It's a Wrap

Another Wizard World Chicago is coming to an end. Here are the final photos I took. My comments:
  • I thought it wasn't as crowded this year
  • There seemed to be a larger percentage of people in some kind of costume this year, but many of them were not very good.
  • Usually its a place to find some good deals, but this year it seemed like there were a few places for deals and the rest had items very over-priced. One definately needed to shop around for bargains!
  • There were WAY less "bimbos" this year (the gals who are half-naked working the crowd to promote this or that). I really only saw a couple. There were some other "models" for "adult" comics there, but they were fully clothed. I don't know if this was Wizard's decision, or the vendors, but it was a far more female/family friendly atmosphere this year.
  • The vendors were FAR less pushy this year than last.
  • Comic book people need to learn how to shake hands. I shook hands with a woman, Vanetta Rogers, a writer over at Newsarama, who had the best handshake of anyone I met over the weekend! At first I thought they just didn't know how to shake a woman's hand, but Craig said they were horrible with him too. Either they don't want to damage their writing/drawing hand, or they just don't know how to shake hands. Someone needs to have a class for them!

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