Friday, October 20, 2006

Ebay NUT

So, remember about a week or two ago I'd posted about some FREAK on ebay who claimed to be unhappy with his purhcase, but instead of trying to have us work it out, left me a threatening email? Well, just the other day, out of the clear blue (well, it MIGHT have been because I left him a negative feedback on Friday the 13th) he sends me ANOTHER threatening email. This time he is saying that he's going to drive 265 miles from Michigan, where he lives, to Waukesha and "show me who's boss" and something about going to kill hogs with his family and other wierd, non-sensical but veiled threats.

I forwarded both threats to eBay, and after SEVERAL days they finally came back only to tell me that unless this joker actually ACTS on these threats, they can't do anything. How lame is that? Seriously, they should shut down his account. (Although I'm pretty sure he's got at least 3 accounts on eBay) I doubt he'll follow through, but I'm glad that I've got the silent alarm just in case.


Michael Rawdon said...

I've found that eBay is not at all helpful at resolving disputes between customers. Of course, unless such disputes significantly affect their income, there's really no motivation for them to do so.

Anonymous said...

It's not just e-bay that says that. We have an employee that worked with us that was let go awhile ago because...well to put it bluntly she was crazy. Really. Recently she ran another employee off the road, and this was on the interstate, and the police told her that there wasn't anything they could do since no one was hurt. It seems you have to get killed or seriously hurt before it's considered serious.

Anonymous said...

It might not hurt to contact your local police and try to file some kind of report or complaint. While the chances of him actually doing anything are incredibly slim, it could help to have a paper trail.