Monday, October 16, 2006


No, this isn't some new stunt from Marvel, but I got your attention, didn't I.

This past Saturday we spent a few hours consolidating storage lockers. (For those of you that are new, when we expanded our store we gave up our storage, so we rented a storage locker. Then, a customer of ours moved out of state and didn't want to take his MASSIVE collection of stuff with him, so we bought it - and it was also in a storage locker in the same facility our stuff was in) We don't want to pay for two lockers and have sold and/or relocated to our store enough of the Batman collection that we can fit most of what we had in our storage locker into this bigger one.

Anyway... Craig & I looked through the boxes of comics as we moved them, and almost every single box had at least some, if not the entire box, with X-Men comic books. Most of them were from the 1990's era, but not all. Just TONS of Uncanny, with some X-Men and Wolverine thrown in for good measure. And these are all of the doubles of back issues we've already got in bins at the store! Making most of these triplicate or worse.

As we left the storage facility I told Craig that we need to put a moratorium on buying collections that have X-Men comics unless they are 1984 or older. NO MORE X-MEN! Sure, we'll buy the new issues for the store as they come out, but we're not going to buy any collections from people off of the street that are X-Men collections or have a large portion of X-Men titles in them. The only X-Men we'll consider are the way older ones because we don't have many of those. We've got the "comics boom - everyone bought these" X-Men comics. I think that if I opened the white pages and randomly called 10 houses, there'd be at LEAST one who had X-Men comics somewhere that were purchased during the early 1990's.

Now, here's the rub... Earlier today the phone rings, and a nice woman asks if we buy comics. She added that they were not old, maybe about 10 years or so. I asked her what the titles of the comics were, but she didn't know, so she handed the phone to her husband. He informed me that they were.... You guessed it.... X-Men comics, mainly Uncanny X-Men. Well, I had to turn them down flat - putting the X-Men moratorium into effect only a couple of days after declaring it. Now, just to give you one extra little giggle before I end this post, the husband called me back a couple of minutes later to ask me if we'd buy his boxes of X-Men trading cards. Poor guy - stuck with a collection of completely worthless YUCK.

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