Monday, October 30, 2006

What Are You Supposed to Be?

This Sunday was my day to work, and in West Allis Sunday was Trick-Or-Treat day, so Craig got to deal with them. (By the way, even though the Packers were playing, I had a really good Sunday at the store!) He had decided that he'd give out back issue comics to the Trick-Or-Treators who came, and had a couple of piles for different ages.

Well, he didn't end up giving any comics out!


Well, aparently there were truckloads of kids (mainly young teens he thought) being dropped off in our neighborhood with bags to Trick-Or-Treat. The problem being they didn't have any kind of costumes on AT ALL. Craig wasn't going to reward kids for a total lack of creativity! What were they trying to do? Be dressed as...neighborhood kids even though they weren't from our neighborhood? What happened to kids wanting to get dressed up for Halloween? Is it just about candy now?? Well, no costume, no treats if you come to my house!

I did have a few kids come in costume into the store, between Saturday and Sunday, and that was fun.

We gave away packs of mini comics (ashcans) to people who wanted them to hand out to kids in their neighborhoods--we gave out about 200 in total, plus another 75 to some local businesses to hand out to any little ones who came in. Hopefully those people had better Trick-Or-Treaters in their neighborhoods than we did.

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