Tuesday, October 17, 2006

What You've Been Waiting For

Here are the lateness offenders for this week:

Desolation Jones #7 published by DC - the last issue came out April 12, 2006. A six-month gap is WAY too long. I do think they had some problems with an artist leaving and then trying to find a new one, but I can't imagine the series lasting very long with this type of delay.

Highlander #1 published by Dynamic Entertainment. Just like Battlestar Galactica, which DE also publishes, there was a HUGE gap between the #0 and the #1 issues. The #0 for Highlander came out July 26, 2006.

Highly anticipated and white hot Anita Blake Vampire Hunter #1, the graphic adaptation of Laurell K. Hamilton's New York Times Bestselling Guilty Pleasures novel, was originally solicited in June - so it should have shipped in August. But, it was originally supposed to be published by little known Dabble Brothers, until Marvel partnered with them, which I guess took a while for the ink to dry or something. But finally it's here and we expect it to sell like gangbusters! Hopefully there won't be any other huge gaps in the series!

Not that many people care, but Last Christmas #4, published by Image, was originally solicited in June, so it should have arrived in August. But, I can't completely call this late since once the series FINALLY started to come out, each issue has been about a month apart. I'd rather have it this way than have the first couple issues come out on time and then have a huge gap mid-series.

Here's an irritating, but not unexpected one - Wildcats #1 was supposed to come out in September, to start the Wildstorm relaunch as the "flagship" book. DC Comics let the ball drop, probably by having Jim Lee, who can't seem to get his work done on All-Star Batman & Robin, do the art for Wildcats. So, while this is really only about a month late, it's lame because it was supposed to be the first Wildstorm relaunch book out, not the last one.


Michael Rawdon said...

I had thought Desolation Jones was a mini-series originally, and was surprised to see a #7 solicited at all!

Lisa said...

A customer who gets the book said the same thing!